Nasma Mission Statement

NASMA Mission

The aim of NASMA is to be the umbrella organisation for adhesive and sealant manufacturers in SOUTH AFRICA. NASMA will support its members by representing and promoting the industry, offering guidance on technical and compliance issues, providing networking opportunities for members and providing members with support services.

Technical/Regulatory Compliance

• To inform members about the impact of SOUTH AFRICAN legislation
• To offer industry positions about regulatory proposals
• To provide advice about information sources
• To deliver training about key issues to members

Promoting the Industry

• To positively project the social and economic benefits of the adhesives and sealants industry to government, consumers and industry
• To positively project the sustainability of our products
• To promote the use of adhesives/sealants and the choice of member companies
• To offer guidance to end users in the correct selection and use of adhesives and sealants
• To seek opportunities to promote the industry to schools and further education including vocational training organisations, with a view to encouraging new entrants

Networking opportunities for members

• To provide business, technical, social networking opportunities for members
• To provide a platform for members to meet/discuss issues of industry concern

SOUTH AFRICA Representation

• Interact with other business organisations/ trade associations, government and NGOs European Representation
• To maintain contact with FEICA, to inform members about European technical/regulatory issues