The aim of NASMA

NASMA at present consists of 8 Full Members, who have voting rights and who it is believed are responsible for + 75% of all adhesives and sealants produced in South Africa, in addition, there are 16 Associate Members without voting rights, who are suppliers to the adhesives and sealant industry.

The Bureau of Standards is also an “ex-officio” member.

The aim of NASMA is to provide a forum to:

  1. Promote and develop the adhesive and sealant industry.
  2. Resolve its problems.
  3. Act as the official voice of this industry to government and other organisations.
  4. Promote more accurate statistical details of markets and products.

NASMA has provided this free web site for members. This web-site is used by our members to insert their specific technical and safety data information, which can be accessed by using the NASMA web-site.

Provide data to members regarding proper packaging details for hazardous goods and other government regulations.

NASMA has contact with other international organisations such as F.E.I.C.A.  BASA and the American Adhesives and Sealant Council and can assist members in making contact with these bodies.

It is a condition that full members submit sales volume figures to Price Waterhouse – Coopers, who consolidate them and issue to members.  Obviously, these figures are regarded as highly confidential.

I am sure that as a responsible manufacturer of adhesives and sealants or a supplier to this industry you would wish to join NASMA, an organisation which is recognised as the “voice of the industry”, so I have included an application form and look forward to receiving this back from you.

If you should have any special queries please do not hesitate to contact Mike Formo, Chairman NASMA.